The beginning:

Pin after 4:

  1. On the point, with the first pin, to put 4 pairs of spindles.

  2. To make last twisted on the left and on the right and one in the medium.

  3. One adds each side two pairs of spindles and one works a side at the same time by adding each time only one pair.

signet1.jpg (16580 bytes) signet2.jpg (12145 bytes)

To note: one can also make pin after two.

The termination at a peak:

To finish at a peak, it is necessary to leave the pairs.
After made having passed twisted and put the pin after 4, one makes 2 last (never in œ last), one crosses and one leaves the pair Left, one crosses to 1 millimetre, then one finishes with a braid.

signet3.jpg (5919 octets)

signet4.jpg (17765 bytes)