One always works with pairs. Reels wind and are always used so by pairs. One winds at first a reel, then a first reel, one winds on the second . One obtains so a pair of interconnected reels.

  Mat1.jpg ( 3325 bytes)

All the points are created by using 2 movements : CROSS and TWIST

CROSS ( C ) : it is to cross the 2nd Reel by top the 3rd

Mat2.jpg ( 2445 bytes)

TWIST ( T ) : it is to cross the 4 Reel by top the 3rd And the 2nd Overcoat the 1st

Mat3.jpg ( 3388 bytes)

A thread is represented by a yellow line.

Two threads are represented :

    By a green line for half a crossed
    By a mauve line for the past
    By a red line for past twisted

HALF A CROSSED (in green) obtains by doing : Cross in the middle and Twist on each side.

Mat4.jpg ( 2131 bytes)

THE PAST (in mallow)  obtains by doing : Cross, Twist, Cross.

Mat5.jpg ( 2856 bytes)

PAST TWISTED (in red) obtains by doing : Cross, Twist, Cross, Twist.

Mat6.jpg ( 3393 bytes)

With these three points one obtains the following capital: roasted bottom, toilé bottom and bottom openwork toilé.

Three points are executed with the same pricking below:

Mat9.jpg ( 9494 bytes)

Mat10.jpg ( 20842 bytes)