Compound  (continuation):


  1. Bottom to the Slavic virgin:

    One does not use the left outside points and straight. One makes a half-past between both points. This point is represented, on the boss, by a vertical line.

PointViergeslave.jpg ( 3290 bytes) FdViergeslave.jpg ( 16053 bytes) PiqViergeslave.jpg ( 10368 bytes)
  1. Bottom to the virgin rewinded:

      Contrary to the previous bottom, one adds 2 outside hairpins to the left and to the right. One uses the point the brown colour pins closed, so. The point is represented, on the boss, by a rhombus.

    PointViergelosange.jpg ( 1940 bytes) FdViergeretordu.jpg ( 17821 bytes) PiqViergeretordu.jpg ( 13131 bytes)
    PointViergeretordu.jpg ( 3941 bytes)