Compounds :

One always works in diagonal. There is, naturally , not a totality of the compound capital, but in here is someone.

  1. Bottom to the simple virgin:

    The same pricking as the point Cloth. Four points in square, more one in 1/2 crossed on each side are needed. In every hairpin, one puts two pairs.

    PointViergesimple.jpg ( 1972 bytes) FdViergesimple.jpg ( 12569 bytes)


  1. Bottom to the virgin doubles:

    The same work as the simple, but one ends with past one twisted on each side.

    PointViergedouble.jpg ( 2816 bytes) FdViergedouble.jpg ( 13355 bytes)


  1. Bottom to the virgin crossed:

    Add one 1/2 distance for the right border. One crosses in the middle having made the first point Cloth.


Pricking and examples of  capital to the virgin simple, double and crossed.

PiqVierge.jpg ( 13751 bytes)

FdViergeAppli1.jpg ( 13321 bytes) FdViergeAppli2.jpg ( 13463 bytes) FdViergeAppli3.jpg ( 13298 bytes)