Simple spider  :

It is smallest  : 4 points, to weave the pairs of left towards those of right-hand side and to make 3 torsions since one in passed.

araigneeSimple.jpg (8869 octets)


Ringed spider  :

5 points are counted. There is a simple spider with 2 legs on the right and 2 legs on the left + 1 pair of additional legs. To make, with the pair which surrounds, of last twisted and between the bottom and the P.T. to make only one torsion (1 of the last + 1 of the P.T. + 1 torsion = 3 torsions).

araigneeCerclee.jpg (13834 octets)


Openwork spider  :

6 points are counted  ; One starts with 3 pairs on the left, 3 pairs on the right, then a P.T. on the left and one on the right. One makes the same thing for the lower part.

araigneeAjouree.jpg (13000 octets)